Retreat Questions & FAQ

Before venturing into the mountains with a stranger, you probably have some questions!

Browse this Retreat FAQ page, reach out directly, or send us a message through social media to get answers to your retreat questions.

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Retreat Questions and FAQ

Simple answer: surrounded by the majesty of the great outdoors!
Specific location changes but the majority of retreats are in the U.S. National Forests.

Summer 2022 public and private retreats and events are planned for the Olympic Peninsula!

Where we lay our head is home.

Depending on the retreat, we will prepare and eat our meals as a group and sleep close to wherever home base is unless backpacking. The physical accommodations for sleeping are based on personal preference and may be in a tent, hammock, or under the open sky (incredible experience as long as mosquitoes are not around).

Simple but Customizable
Many retreats have different menus.** However, many of our retreats feature tasty menus consisting of fresh ingredients and dehydrated meals with easy prep and clean up.

Example meals include: Oatmeal or yogurt with coffee or tea for breakfast, deli sandwiches for lunch, fresh fruit and trail mix for snacking, and teriyaki chicken and rice for dinner.

Dietary restrictions and needs can be accommodated.

**Food is provided for a fee. For free participation, participants must bring their own food, but a menu list can be provided if you feel unsure.

Know your desire
Understanding what is motivating and fueling your intention and desire to participate will deepen and strengthen your experience and possible outcomes.

Understanding Expectations – Yours, Mine, and Ours
Pease do not hesitate to reach out with questions! Through this site, I have tried to be clear with the basics, but every retreat will have its own flavor. You can simply show up with an open heart and mind, or you can cross your T’s and dot your I’s ahead of time.

Tips and Support

We advise no less than 20-30 minutes to process in whatever way is most helpful for you: journal, make lists, meditate, or discuss with trusted people for feedback and clarity. We also provide one hour of spiritual life coaching to every retreat participant ahead of the retreat to assess needs and aid in preparation and orientation.

No Questions Asked…Everyone
While you have to choose the retreat style and theme that fits your needs and desires, time spent outdoors benefits everyone. Additionally, even more than physical health benefits, the outdoors benefit us by limiting distractions and bringing us into the present moment. That being said, I will be providing caring and professional guidance and support with every event.

The results will vary by participants, but most people leave with a greater sense of peace, calm, and clarity about themselves, their lives, and their purposes. Brendan Cooney is a seminary-trained pastor and experienced in leading diverse groups of multiple ages and life stages. We work with the group without overlooking the unique needs of the individual before, during, and after the retreat.

Simple and Straightforward
All events are free to attend and participate, though tips and donations are appreciated to help cover costs!

With rentals and essentials (food, cooking supplies, tent, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, etc.), the base cost of every overnight retreat is $100 per person per night. For longer retreats (3+ days), it is still only $50 per additional day (i.e. $250 for 3 nights, $300 for 4 nights, etc.).

Challenging? Maybe.
Safe? Absolutely!
The national forests and parks provide an authentically wild setting, but I do my best to make sure that we are safe and prepared for the unknown. Founder and guide, Brendan Cooney, is a trained Wilderness First Responder with the experience and equipment to take care of you. However, more importantly, I am excited to share my love and passion for the transformative power of the outdoors through the Divine in and around us.

Our retreats are a time and place for people to sit with and learn from the deepest parts of their hearts, minds, and spirits with experienced guidance and support.

For Hikes
None of the hikes require specialized gear. However, make sure you bring the essentials of water, appropriate sun protection, and poop bags if you bring a dog with!

For Overnights
Personal gear like a sleeping bag, tent, pillow, toiletries, and chairs are brought by participants. If you are missing any gear, feel free to reach out about rentals!

Use your own gear!
Participants are free and encouraged to bring their own gear and accommodations. However, if you are new to the outdoors we do have affordable rentals like a shelter and personal gear.

We rent everything you could need!
Don’t own any of the gear? We have kit rentals. Let us know, and we’ll work with you to get you everything you need!

Have your own? Great!
We fully support retreat participants using their own gear. In fact, that’s the only way we can keep events free! I’ll supply you the list of what to bring, you let me know if there’s any gaps that I can help with!

Travel easy and simply
Flying in from out of town? Don’t have a car or simply don’t want to drive to the mountains? I can help arrange a pickup service. We’ll coordinate everything with you throughout the registration and pre-retreat preparation process.

I care…that’s why I do this
I’ll be happy to talk to you without any pressure to sign up. Give me a call or send me a message if you have other questions or concerns. If you came this far, there’s probably something drawing you and we’d love to help you name and explore what that is.

Still unsure? Here’s a test
First, set an alarm for 20 minutes and then pause and sit in silence, continually releasing the noise and thoughts into the stream of consciousness and returning to your intent to just be.

Once the time is over…
So, what does your gut say after 20 minutes of stillness? Does intentional time doing guided activities with a group of like-minded people in the outdoors bring calm or resistance to your heart and mind? Listen to what is coming up in your heart and mind and where it is coming from, but don’t dwell for more than a few moments. This is the first step in trusting yourself.

Still have questions not answered in the Retreat FAQ?
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