Silence is primarily a quality of the heart that leads to ever growing charity.
– Henri Nouwen


We all encounter and carry unique and often unspoken burdens in this life. Thus, the Silent Retreat is for everyone who wants to learn how to notice and hold their thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a way that brings life, light, and love to themselves and the world around them.

Peace, Calm, Clarity
The Silent Retreat is a strategic activity that creates space to let the soul and unconscious speak. Accordingly, our retreats are designed to provide rest and teach the tools to develop self-awareness. Thus, the environment and simple activities of a silent retreat will help you learn how to feel greater peace, courage, and control of your journey, and hope for the future.

Silence Reveals
The world is full of a lot of wasted, destructive noise, and our lives are flooded with it, distracting and deteriorating our happiness and hope in the process. Conversely, spending time in silence prepares the heart to speak truth by removing distractions and focusing intent and desire on the true depths of the true self.

Skills for Thriving
Learning how to be still and cultivate interior silence helps us to confront chaotic noise and distractions, both the mundane and toxic. Hence, the silent retreat offers the chance to dive deep in a safe and supportive environment. There, with caring support from Brendan and other retreatants, you will learn skills and rhythms that tap into new strength, hope, and inspiration from within yourself.

Why silence?
Maintaining silence helps us to confront, integrate, or release the noise and turmoil of our minds and hearts. Alternatively, when thoughts and emotions are ignored or bottled up, our undigested internal baggage can result in many painful physical and emotional experiences. Thus, a guided silent retreat offers individuals the chance to practice being still, listening to, and even exploring their inner world while in a safe, supportive, and uplifting environment.

We’ll Help!
Participating in a silent retreat requires mental, physical, and logistical preparation. For that reason, we help you with all the preparation like identifying personal retreat goals, assembling gear, coordinating travel, and more. Then, as you identify your needs and desires, we can even help you choose how to best articulate your retreat intent and desired experience.

Personal Connection
We have a straightforward and relational approach to retreats and guiding. Therefore, we’ll work to help you participate in a way that best meets your needs. We have flexibility in many elements of the retreat experience, improving your ability to reach the outcomes or have the experience you are looking for. So, ask your questions beforehand or as they arise, we’re happy to work with you!

Personal Questions to consider…
Do you crave time outdoors?
Have you been looking for ways to connect with the deep parts of yourself, whether for healing or growth?
Do you sometimes feel stuck in the same rhythms, patterns, or routines?
Are you tired a lot?
Do you experience prolonged periods of stress?
Are you looking for creative refreshment?
Has religion felt pointless, irrelevant, or even toxic to your mental and emotional life?
Do you need a break to rest from the daily pace of living?
Do you feel drained or uninspired?
Have you felt stressed or overwhelmed by recent or upcoming events?
Is there a chance you are approaching burnout?
Experiencing toxic stress or pressure from one or more sources?
Is private time for yourself relatively non-existent?

What resonates with you personally?

The Silent Retreat is relevant and powerful for all, but especially for those who feel the call to the wilderness, whether it is the wild of the woods or wild of their own hearts and souls.

History and Christian Spirituality
Our silent retreats are inspired by holistic Christian spirituality that meets people were they are without judgement in order to help them move forward. Therefore, we value openness and integration of various sources of wisdom, spirituality, and science. As such, inspiration and guidance comes from the Christian contemplatives and thinkers, as well as the teachings of religious leaders from multiples faith backgrounds all over the world.

Experience and Exposure
We are cross-disciplinary in our approach, relying on scientific discoveries in psychology, neurology, and sociology to guide our practices. As such, we work hard to offer a welcoming and empowering space for personal guidance and spiritual support at your pace. In the end, we believe that this holistic and integrative approach offers rest and renewal for people of all ages, stages, and background.


Solitude and Silence

“In solitude and silence you’re learning to stop doing, stop producing, stop pleasing people, stop entertaining yourself, stop obsessing — stop doing anything except to simply be your naked self before God and be found by him.”
– Bill Guthierre

Other Questions?

Check out our Retreat Info & FAQ page or get in touch with us directly.